Meet Sarah

Treated by Naturopathic Medicine

When anyone brings up Bastyr in my presence, I automatically light up and smile. My experience with Bastyr Center for Natural Health was nothing but pleasant from the time I walked into the reception area until I picked up my prescription in their on-site dispensary.

I decided to see Dr. Laurie Cullen at Bastyr Center for a naturopathic opinion on infertility after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and being told there was no chance I would be able to conceive without months of drugs that came with major side effects for mom and possibly baby. My 'Western-medicine' doctor had given me this grim diagnosis after filling out a 10-question form and pretty much no dialogue. I left the office in tears feeling like I had no options, helpless, depressed and like I was just a number.

Being one who doesn’t even like to take aspirin or cold medicine and after many depressing weeks, I wanted to hear what a naturopathic doctor had to say. I found Dr. Cullen on the Bastyr Center website and it turned out to be like no other doctor appointment I had ever had.

She began by asking me tons of questions about my lifestyle and family history. She went into great depth and I couldn’t believe how well she listened and didn’t rush me. After our long discussion, I felt she knew me more than any other doctor I have ever seen in my entire life. After summarizing my body type, habits, diet, daily routine and family, she then concocted a plan of a variety of herbs, supplements and extra protein for me.

It was customized to me, not the general masses — amazing! She also took the time to explain why she prescribed each of these and what they did. Not only did she give me a positive, healthy plan of action, but she also gave me respect, confidence and hope. And, within two months, I was pregnant — what I was originally told was almost impossible! I feel she played a HUGE part in where I am today with my two children and I am forever grateful to her. I highly recommend her, Bastyr and natural medicine.

P.S. The Bastyr Dispensary was even a great experience with its soothing scents wafting through the air and the pretty display of remedies and gifts! A very nice way to end an appointment!