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Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Who Needs a Nutritionist?

Who Needs a Nutritionist?

How do you usually learn about nutrition? From books, health magazines and Web sites? While those ways can be useful, an even better source of personalized, comprehensive nutrition information is an appointment with a nutritionist.

Why see a nutritionist?

While a naturopathic physician considers many different aspects of health, nutritionists focus solely on food and food-related behavior change. Those desiring to "get well" (currently with a nutrition-related diagnosis) or who want to "stay well" (those interested in preventing illness) can derive great benefit.

At Bastyr Center for Natural Health, nutrition teams excel at consulting people about special dietary needs for certain health conditions, as well as dietary requirements for increasing energy levels, losing weight and improving overall health.

In a typical appointment, Bastyr nutritionists provide an individualized assessment of your current dietary habits, provide specific food suggestions, meal plans and recipes, with a focus on natural, unprocessed, “whole” foods. Tips on shopping, cooking and meal planning are also included.

If you’d like to obtain informed and personalized nutritional guidance, call 206.834.4100 to make an appointment for your initial nutrition consultation.

What’s in it for me?

Bastyr nutritionists offer a variety of methods for improving your habits and your health, including:

  • Individualized nutrition consultations.
    Our nutritionists will ask you questions about your lifestyle and eating habits and help you develop goals for achieving healthier eating patterns.

  • A three-day diet diary.
    You can submit a three-day diet diary, which is a record of everything you eat and drink for three days prior to the appointment. A nutritionist will thoroughly analyze your diet and provide you with food ideas to meet your nutrient needs. You can also do a diet diary after your appointment (the nutritionist will give you special forms to use), and use it to help bring awareness to your dietary habits and to guide your conversation with the nutritionist during your next visit.

  • A personal grocery shopping tour.
    A nutritionist can visit a local grocery store with you, offering tips for making healthy food choices and providing food preparation ideas to meet your budget.

Writer: Sydney Maupin, Staff Writer; Debra Boutin, RD
Contributor: Debra Boutin, RD
Date: 2004

Learn more about the nutrition services provided by Bastyr Center for Natural Health, or schedule your appointment today.

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