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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine | Treatable Conditions

The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed several conditions as treatable by acupuncture and Oriental medicine:

Upper respiratory tract
Respiratory system
Disorders of the eye
Gastro-intestinal disorders
Neurological and musculoskeletal disorders

Upper respiratory tract

Acute sinusitis
Acute rhinitis
Common cold
Acute tonsillitis

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Respiratory system

Acute bronchitis
Bronchial asthma (most effective in children and in patients without other complicating diseases)

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Disorders of the eye

Acute conjunctivitis
Central retinitis
Myopia (in children)
Cataracts (without complications)
Disorders of the mouth
Toothache, post-extraction pain
Acute and chronic pharyngitis

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Gastro-intestinal disorders

Spasms of esophagus and cardia
Acute and chronic gastritis
Gastric hyperacidity
Chronic duodenal ulcer (pain relief)
Acute duodenal ulcer (without complications)
Acute and chronic colitis
Acute bacillary dysentery
Paralytic ileus

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Neurological and musculoskeletal disorders

Headache and migraine
Trigeminal neuralgia
Facial palsy (early stage, i.e., within three to six months)
Pareses following a stroke
Peripheral neuropathies
Sequelae of poliomyelitis (early stage, i.e., within six months)
Meniere’s disease
Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Nocturnal enuresis
Intercostal neuralgia
Cervicobrachial syndrome
“Frozen shoulder”, “tennis elbow”
Low back pain

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