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January 2013

5 Free Medicines

In a world of prescription co-pays and persistent pharmaceutical advertisements, it can be easy to forget that some of our planet's best medicines are free for the taking.

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Happy Couple Outdoors
Dietary Fiber

Add This Fiber to Lower Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Fight it with fiber!

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Group of Happy Women

Weight Management Program Returns

Are you ready to love your body, eat more healthfully, get moving and lose weight in the process? It's time!

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Justin Steurich, ND

Meet First-Year Resident Justin Steurich, ND

Dr. Steurich joins the ranks of young new providers fueling the rapid expansion of naturopathic medicine.

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Miso Soup

Recipe: Fast and Satisfying Miso Soup

This warming, nourishing soup is an excellent companion for rainy and cold Northwest winter days.

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Upcoming Events

Jan. 12: Year-round Benefits of Indoor Plants

Jan. 19: Ayurveda for Heart Disease, Diabetes & Stroke

Jan. 25: Bastyr Center Welcomes Prospective Students to Clinic Open House

Jan. 26: Bastyr University Welcomes Prospective Students at Daylong Open House

Jan. 28-Feb. 4: Learning to Set Life-Giving Boundaries

Jan. 31: Essential Oils for Cold, Flu & Infection

Feb. 2: Massage Made Easy

Feb. 9: Therapeutic Yoga

April 10-June 5: "Weigh to Go" Weight Management Program


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