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February 2011
close-up of man with coldIs it a Cold or the Flu?

You're home sick, which equals a mess of aches and coughs, spent tissues everywhere and a miserable mood. Does it really matter whether you've got a cold or the flu? As Bastyr Center's Miranda Marti, ND, explains, it does matter. Knowing which illness has you in its grip can inspire reasonable expectations for recovery and help you decide whether you should seek medical care. Learn more..

woman exercising outdoors

Exercise to Outrun
the Common Cold

Though it requires more willpower in the winter, exercising consistently can help you avoid the common cold. So rally yourself and get moving; the sofa and fireplace will still be there after your workout.

woman's hands

Three Tips to Nourish
Dry Winter Skin

Frigid temperatures, low humidity and indoor heating during the cold winter months can leave your skin as dry as the Sahara. Keep your skin vibrant all season with these three tips.

woman practicing qigong

Learn About
Chinese Therapies

Is Chinese medicine a foreign concept to you? Learn the basics of Chinese movement and massage therapies in this free workshop with guided exercises in qigong and tui na.

red and golden beets

Yummy Beet Salad

Winter is a great time to get back to your roots by eating more beets! Build this simple and scrumptious salad with golden beets, nutrient-packed greens and crunchy pecans. Get cooking.


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