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January 2011
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Three Time-Tested Natural Flu Remedies

Steam baths, menthol rubs, hot teas, vitamin C. Many of us use traditional treatments for cold and flu, but how well do they really work? Studies show that some work better than others, but most health professionals agree that if you're looking for safe, natural ways to beat the flu this season, you can't go wrong with these three time-tested remedies.

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Tips to Beat the
Winter Blues

With the buzz of the holidays behind us and plenty of long winter nights ahead, it's easy to slip into an emotional funk. Combat those winter blues with these natural health tips.

neti pot

Flush Away Sinus Pain with a Neti Pot

Have you heard of a neti pot? If you suffer from sinus inflammation, it could become your new best friend. Learn how nasal irrigation with a neti pot can soothe your sinuses.

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Big Changes at
Bastyr Center

The new year brings some exciting improvements to Bastyr Center: We're streamlining our offices with a new patient check-in center and offering $15 visits to all seniors.

tomato soup

Recipe: Winter Cream of Tomato Soup

If you're bored with soup from a can or box, whip up a batch of this dairy-free, tummy-warming soup and brighten those dark winter nights. Get cooking...


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