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June 2010
mother putting sunscreen on child

How Safe is Your Sunscreen?

Dust off your boats, boots and bikes because summer is upon us!
That means itís also time to stock up on sunscreen. While sunscreen can be an important tool in the fight against skin damage, Kris Somol, ND, warns that some varieties may also carry health risks. Learn about the importance of sun protection and six sunscreen ingredients to avoid.

young woman applying makeup

5 Tips for Youthful Skin

Beautiful skin begins on the inside, with sleep, water and a whole food diet. Adding a routine that incorporates natural products can result in radiant, youthful skin, without the irritating synthetic chemicals.

woman outdoors

Insect Repellents:
To Scratch or to Spray?

If you spend your summertime outdoors, you know that mosquitoes and other six-legged pests can be a constant nuisance. Insect repellents can provide relief, but how safe and effective are they?

Couple Eating Together

Aggravated by Acne?
Try Acupuncture & TCM

Adult acne is a common problem, but itís one that can be remedied. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can address imbalances in your body to relieve acne and improve overall skin health.

salmon with papaya

Recipe: Tropical
Thai Salmon

If you've been dreaming of exotic, tropical locales, this recipe is sure to transport your taste buds there. And Omega-3s and brown rice ensure this vacation will be heart-healthy.


June 9: Change Your Breath, Change Your Life Explore the biochemistry, physiology and psychology of breathing. More...

June 22: Grand Opening
of Bastyr Student Village
Tour our new community of green-built cottages. More...

Coming in July:
Outdoor summer concert series in St. Edward State Park in Kenmore

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