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May 2010
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Tips to Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

Many of us could benefit from steadier blood-sugar levels. Follow these five basic lifestyle tips to keep blood sugar in check. Studies also suggest that certain foods and supplements may help regulate blood sugar and that the practice of cooling hot foods before eating may also be effective. Learn about the blood-sugar regulating benefits of chromium and biotin, vinegar, berberine, psyillium, cinnamon and pancreas tonic.

Woman Doing Qigong

Can Qigong Address
Type 2 Diabetes?

A recent Bastyr University study shows that qigong—a subtle, energy-based system of stationary and moving meditation—may help lower some of the markers associated with type 2 diabetes.
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Bastyr Center Offers Special Rates

Are you or someone you know unable to receive natural health care because of financial hardship? Bastyr Center recently updated our special rates program and you may be eligible for assistance.
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Free Lecture:
Sugar-Free Living

Improve your nutritional health and fitness levels by eliminating sugar from your diet. Learn more about the benefits of sugar-free living by attending this free lecture and reading this recently published article.

Oatmeal Cookies

Recipe: Fruit-Sweetened Oatmeal Cookies

If you’re a cynic when it comes to low-sugar 'sweets,' these treats will erode your suspicions. Fructose sweetener, applesauce and apple juice concentrate provide all the sweetness this delicious cookie needs.
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May 15: Living Naturally Series Sugar-Free Living More...

May 24-28: Tibetan Monks
The monks visit Bastyr University to create a sand mandala

June 2: An Evening with
Dr. Mehmet and Lisa Oz

Bastyr University confers
honorary degrees

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