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August 2009
Patient Cori Sparks

Seattle Woman Finds Care and Concern at Bastyr

Earlier this year, Cori Sparks caught the worst cold she had ever experienced. An overcrowded community health clinic turned her away because it lacked the resources to treat her illness. Then she called Bastyr Center. Here she found a welcoming, caring and healing environment. Read the story of one local patientís recovery under the care of naturopathic physicians.

Mountain Biker

Easier Exercise
Through Carbs?

New research shows that simply tasting a carbohydrate solution during exercise can improve the quality of your workout without making you feel like youíve put in extra effort. Learn more...

Boy Climbing Tree

Summer Snacks
for Kids on the Run

Summer is high-energy play time for kids. Keep a stash of cooling, nutritious snacks on hand to satisfy ravenous appetites and picky palates. Learn More...

Smiling Child

Keep Your Child Healthy, Naturally

Now through August 31, 2009, Bastyr Center is offering $20 Well-Child Visits. Let Bastyr physicians assess your childís current health, development and nutritional needs.
Learn More...

Mixed Berries

Get the Most out of Summerís Berries

Weíre deep into a glorious summer and the entire Northwest is overflowing with berries. Follow these simple steps to turn berries into sweet and savory condiments and preserve them into the winter.


National media looks to Bastyr for expert opinions.
The New York Daily News recently quoted Bastyr Center faculty member Kelly Morrow, MS, RD, CD, in an article weighing the costs and benefits of organic foods. See the Article...

Cancer treatment and
research at Bastyr

Find comprehensive, integrative support for your cancer treatment and recovery at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center (BIORC), located on the serene Bastyr University campus in Kenmore.
Learn More...

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