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Welcome to Health E-News!In the spirit of new beginnings, this issue is filled with ideas for making 2008 a healthier year for you and your family. Consider learning more about natural health in a Bastyr University continuing education class and find out about Bastyr Center's special treatments and services for oncology, diabetic and cardiovascular patients. Also try our recipe this month for a healthier version of a popular snack.

If your new year resolutions include improving your health, be sure to check out our "Self Care" section below. Learn how tea can build stronger bones and which diets can help you prevent cancer and shed a few extra pounds. Finally, is a post-holiday cold getting you down? Discover how green tea can reduce your cold symptoms and read on to get to the bottom of the controversy over children's over-the-counter cold medications.

As a side note, we are always searching for stories from patients about their experiences at Bastyr Center for Natural Health. We'd love to hear how our natural approach has helped you.

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Bastyr Center for Natural Health
January 2008 Issue

Clinic Highlights

Self Care

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Clinic Highlights

Warm Up This Winter With PCC Cooks!

Bastyr University Teaching KitchenBastyr University School of Nutrition and Exercise Science is pleased to continue its partnership with PCC Natural Markets to offer inspiring, hands-on cooking classes. This winter, PCC Cooks is holding several cooking classes in Bastyr's state-of-the-art teaching kitchen on its Kenmore campus. Many of the PCC Cooks instructors are Bastyr graduates, so it's only natural that we team up with PCC. If you haven't already visited our beautiful teaching kitchen, we encourage you to experience it first-hand by signing up for a class. Learn more about and register for "Extraordinary Sauces" or "Yeasted Breadmaking."

Take Charge of Your Health Through Classes at Bastyr University

Educating yourself is a first step in taking charge of your health and well-being. Bastyr University offers continuing education classes at our beautiful Kenmore campus on a variety of natural health topics. This quarter, sign up for seminars on "CranioSacral Therapy I," "Natural Approaches to Seasonal Affective Disorder," "Your Animals are Talking: Are You Listening?" and "Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestion." View a complete list of classes and register now.

Bastyr Center and Bastyr University Sponsor Town Hall Series: Future of Health

Bastyr Center for Natural Health and Bastyr University are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Town Hall series: Future of Health that explores a wide range of emerging health issues, from global policy to personal health, to alternative practices.
Find out more about these events

Supplemental Oncology Treatment at Bastyr Center

Did you know that natural medicine can be an effective tool for managing the side effects of oncology treatment? At Bastyr Center, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and counseling services are available to help offset symptoms from oncology treatments including nausea, digestive problems, mucositis, fatigue and chemo-related cognitive problems and help your body heal naturally. Our practitioners consult with your oncologist to create an integrative plan and provide updates with a treatment summary letter after every visit. Call 206.834.4100 to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

Bastyr Center's Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Program

Bastyr Center's unique Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Program offers new treatment options for two health conditions that have more in common than one might think. Diabetes expert and lead provider for the program, Ryan Bradley, ND, explains that inflammation — caused by diabetes — can put diabetics at higher risk for heart disease. Fortunately, diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be both prevented and treated successfully using natural medicine. Our experienced naturopathic physicians can guide you through the myriad of treatment options and create an individualized treatment plan based on your health needs and goals. Emphasizing diet, exercise and stress-management techniques, we can help you find new ways to complement your current medications, offset nutritional deficiencies and delay the need for additional medications using natural therapies. Learn more about the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Wellness Program at Bastyr. Make an appointment or schedule a 20-minute free evaluation by calling 206.834.4100.

Celebrate the New Year With Baked Vegetarian Spring Rolls

What better way to ring in the Chinese New Year than with these tasty baked spring rolls? With much less fat than their deep-fried counterpart, these rolls are made with tempeh, a protein-packed, low-fat meat alternative made from soybeans. Try this delicious recipe today.

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Drink teaTea Helps Build Strong Bones — and Fight Colds!
Did you know tea may benefit your bones while it warms them? A new study found that women over 70 who drink tea lost less bone density than non-tea drinking participants. Find out more about this study's amazing results. Looking for even more reasons to drink tea? A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that those who took green tea extract reported fewer illnesses lasting two or more days, and only 5.7% of them sought medical care, compared with 12.7% in the placebo group. Read more about green tea's health benefits.

Spice Up Your Diet for Cancer Protection
A study published in the Journal of Nutrition emphasizes the link between a varied and vegetable-rich diet — especially one that includes a lot of garlic — and the prevention of colon cancer. Read more about the diet and other details of this study.

Go Vegan and Lose Weight for Good
For many, new year resolutions include weight-loss goals. According to a new study, a vegan diet, which excludes all animal products, is a more effective way to shed pounds and keep them off than a low-fat diet. Read more to find out if a vegan diet may be right for you.

How Healthy Are Weight-Loss Diets?
Want to learn more about how to choose a weight-loss diet that is both safe and effective? A new study compares the eight most popular diet plans to determine which is healthiest based on several quality assessments. Learn what constitutes a healthy weight-loss diet and which one may be most beneficial for you.

Cold Medicine and Children — What's the Bottom Line?
As the cold season continues, learn more about a recent FDA conclusion regarding children and cold medicine.






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