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Welcome to Health E-News! It's summer and always a good opportunity for vacations with family and friends. But the family's health is a priority year-round, so Bastyr Center for Natural Health is offering a Children's Wellness Visit at a special summer rate. You can learn more about the specific benefits of natural health care for children at our website. In support of your own health, keep eating your fruits and vegetables—why? It's more than just to keep the doctor away! Learn about the great benefits of fresh, whole foods below. When you have health problems that are not responding to traditional means, consider homeopathy. Find out a little more about this effective treatment and consider exploring the option. If you or someone you know is dealing with the symptoms of menopause and has considered hormone replacement therapy, get a little more knowledge about it and read this informative article on symptom relief, natural or synthetic.

Enjoy all that summer offers you this year, and stay healthy, active and informed!

Christy Anderson

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
July 2006 Issue

Clinic Highlights

Self Care

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Clinic Highlights

Limited Special Offer on Children's Wellness Visit

Limited Special Offer on Children's Wellness VisitIt's summer and the kids are spending more time outdoors, far from the germs of their classroom confines. Now while they're healthy and active, take advantage of BCNH's Children's Wellness Visit. During these visits, a naturopathic team will assess your child's health, development and nutritional needs, and we're offering them for only $20 through August 25. In addition to a free bottle of children's multivitamins, you'll come away with more knowledge about a natural approach to your child's health. Make an appointment today.

Get Clean – and Green – for 15% off!

Bastyr Dispensary carries a full line of Ballard Organics soaps, in both bars and liquid. An environmentally sustainable, locally manufactured line of soaps, Ballard Organics is also Washington state certified organic. Print this email and bring it to the Bastyr Dispensary for 15 percent off the entire line of Ballard Organics soaps. Sale ends August 31.

Homeopathy Heals

If you've tried conventional drugs and they haven't worked, or if certain health problems are lingering no matter what you do, maybe it's time to try homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are amazingly effective, gentle, and noninvasive. In the first appointment, which is almost 2 hours, clinicians will take the time to find out which remedy fits your unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual makeup. Learn more about the deeply healing art of homeopathy.

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Hormone Replacement or Natural Alternatives? Perspectives on Managing Menopause
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been controversial especially in the last several years, and many menopausal women have sought other methods of relief. There are indeed natural alternatives to HRT without the serious side effects, but HRT can also be appropriate in some situations. Read about the latest research about managing menopausal symptoms and schedule an appointment with a naturopathic physician to explore your options.

Fruits and Vegetables Improve Quality of Life
Fruits and Vegetables Improve Quality of LifeYou know eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for you, but you may not know all the reasons why. Read about how whole foods can prevent atherosclerosis and sustain brain functioning. Bastyr provides practical resources to support you in your commitment to health by collaborating with PCC to offer cooking classes that emphasize whole foods and a balanced diet. These affordable, informative classes are open to the public.

What's Unique About Natural Care for Children?
How is natural health care for children different than typical medical care? Most parents are surprised by how effective natural health care can be at treating common children's ailments, including ear infections, eczema, asthma and upper respiratory infections. This is because natural practitioners get to the deeper source of the problem. For a list of resources and common questions about natural health for children, read this article.






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