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Welcome to Health E-News

Welcome to Health E-News! Spring is a season of transition: from winter to summer, from bare branches to buds in bloom. It may be a transition time for your health too. You have made it through flu season, but now your allergies may be acting up. Or you visit the natural supplement aisle to banish your allergies or improve your energy, and you realize you could use some expert advice. Perhaps your languid winter has transformed into an active spring, complete with accompanying sports injuries. This issue of Health E-News addresses these transitional complications, featuring an effective natural treatment for sprains and a variety of natural and complementary means of allergy management.

Bastyr Center for Natural Health has also transitioned this spring into a newly remodeled facility, featuring an expanded space for our dispensaries. Patients are raving about the new environment, which not only pleases the eye but also enhances our patient care, including our Immune Wellness Clinic. If you would like to schedule a tour of our new facility, call Judy or Christy at (206) 834-4100.

Enjoy this issue of Health E-News, and we wish you well as spring makes way for summer.

Christy Anderson

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
June 2006 Issue

Clinic Highlights

Self Care

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Clinic Highlights

Bastyr Offers Affordable Health Care to HIV Patients

Living with HIV/AIDS can be a difficult journey on many levels. For that reason, Bastyr’s Immune Wellness Clinic provides more than medicinal support for HIV/AIDS patients through a broad range of natural health care services that address the whole person. Much of this care is offered at discounted rates or for free through the federal Ryan White program. Learn more about this program and its valuable contribution to the community.


Shop at Our NEW Natural Medicine Dispensaries!

One of the many highlights of our clinic’s new location is the spacious and colorful retail and dispensary space, where patients can pick up their prescriptions and other healthful items. The 2500 square-foot space gives patients and the public a chance to browse an even greater selection of high quality supplements, natural health books, food items, and unique gifts. Additionally, the Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensary is now conveniently located adjacent to the Bastyr Dispensary on the main floor of the new clinic. Come to our new Stone Way location and see what we have to offer!


Enjoy 20% off Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products at Bastyr Dispensary

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is one of the highest-quality natural skin care lines available, and for a limited time, we are offering it at a discount. Dr. Hauschka’s products have been designed with therapeutic ingredients that restore balance and health to the skin, helping your skin to take care of itself. Now through June 30, take 20% off Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products at Bastyr Dispensary, and use this opportunity to enjoy the dispensary’s expanded store space and product lines.


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Arrest Your Allergies
Bastyr Center Self CareStarting to sneeze and sniffle this season? Ease your symptoms with a natural approach to allergy management, which you can employ either by itself or in conjunction with conventional therapies. Find out about natural approaches to allergies and get the latest research about allergies in our Web site’s Health Conditions section.

Comfrey Soothes Sprains
Sprains are not necessarily “minor” injuries. Some say they can be even more painful than breaks. Those who have experienced painful sprains can tell you how much they’d appreciate a new way to ease the swelling and pain of a sprain. Luckily, comfrey cream, a cream made from the comfrey plant, is a new solution that has been recently shown more effective than another popular topical analgesic/anti-inflammatory medicine. Read about this effective natural remedy that eases the discomfort of sprains.

Who’s Advising You About Dietary Supplements?
Never quite sure how to choose dietary supplements? You’re not alone. Find out why Bastyr experts say you should seek professional guidance before selecting something from the nearest health food store shelf. Also, find out why you shouldn’t believe everything you read about natural supplements research. Read the article. You can also find more information about supplements legislation and discover how the Bastyr Dispensary works hard to sell only safe, high-quality supplements.






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