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Welcome to Health E-News! Has the “new” in “New Year” worn off for you yet? If getting into shape was one of your resolutions, don’t let routine drag the ambition out of you. Find out in this issue of Health E-news how you can use a multi-faceted approach to get where you want to go by the end of the year. Sometimes, something other than willpower stymies your motivation—personal grief is often a legitimate hindrance to fulfillment of your goals. This issue takes a look at how grief affects you and how you can, in turn, manage those effects.

Bastyr Center for Natural Health’s move to a new location is coming up quickly! We’ll be opening the doors to our new facility on Wednesday, February 22. Get all the details in this issue—and tell your friends!

We wish you good health this year and look forward to seeing you at our new home.

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Bastyr Center for Natural Health
January 2006 Issue

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Clinic Highlights

Bastyr Center is moving to a new home Bastyr Center Is Moving to a New Home!

Bastyr Center for Natural Health’s plans to move down the street are in full swing. The new location is just south of our current location, and doors will open there after President’s Day on Wednesday, February 22. The newly renovated building, which is at the corner of 38th and Stone Way, is designed to be a relaxing, healing environment for our patients. Get a sneak peek of the facility, where we hope to see you soon! Please note: The clinic and dispensaries will be closed from Friday, February 17, through Tuesday, February 21.


Clearance Sale at Bastyr Dispensary

Take advantage of Bastyr Dispensary’s move to its new location by coming to their clearance sale, on now through February 16. To downsize inventory for the move, the dispensary has priced selected items for rapid sale. Cash in on these deals before the big move!


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Surviving Your Losses, Thriving Despite Them
Bastyr Center is moving to a new homeLoss and grief affect the immune system, sleep patterns, weight, and energy levels—and when national and international strife is added to our personal battles, we can feel such effects on an even greater scale. But we don’t have to surrender to them—there are healthy ways to embrace loss and grow. Learn how Bastyr psychologist Elizabeth Taylor recommends we overcome suffering in life.

Health is More Than a New Year’s Resolution
If you are tired of trite New Year's resolutions and dread yet another diet, a more holistic approach to weight loss might be what you're craving. Most people find a multifaceted approach works best—one that involves nutritional, lifestyle, psychological and behavioral strategies. Find out how such a new approach could be what you’ve been looking for.

Try a New Tactic for Ending Acne
Adult acne is one of the most common skin disorders in the United States, affecting nearly 85 percent of all people. Traditional Chinese Medicine, while centuries old, is still an effective treatment for this condition today. Read how TCM works and how it can work for you.






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