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Welcome to Autumn! Welcome to autumn! The drastic changes in weather add drama to our lives, but the kind of drama we don't need is the cold and flu kind. Reduce your chances of catching colds and the flu by strengthening your immune system, preparing your body for the seasonal challenges. In this issue, we'll offer some tips for building your immune system all year-because good health isn't seasonal.

Speaking of year-round health, if you suffer from cardiovascular disease or diabetes, Bastyr Center for Natural Health has a new program for you. And, as you may have heard, adults aren't the only ones suffering from diabetes and heart disease-American toddlers are also at high risk. We discuss this trend and new information from the American Heart Association.

This season in particular, we at Bastyr Center for Natural Health have a lot of celebrating to do. We're hosting another dispensary Holiday Extravaganza sale and celebration on November 30. But an even bigger reason to celebrate is that our center is moving down the street to a bigger, better facility. Take a look at our architect's renderings of the new space on our Web site.

We hope this issue, and our health care services, will help you enjoy the upcoming holiday season and stay healthy!

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
November 2005 Issue

Clinic Highlights

Self Care

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Clinic Highlights

Bastyr Center is moving to a new home Bastyr Center is Moving to a New Home!

Bastyr Center for Natural Health is excited to announce that we're moving to a new location just south of our current location in February. The newly renovated building, which is at the corner of 38th and Stone Way, is designed to be a relaxing, healing environment for our patients. Get a sneak peek of the facility, where we hope to see you next year!


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New Program Highlights Diabetes and Heart Health

Dr. Ryan Bradley at Bastyr Center for Natural Health has developed a new program at the center focusing on diabetes and cardiovascular wellness. Why a diabetes and cardiovascular program? Because Dr. Bradley recognized the need for people with these two concerns to discover the power they have to control their condition and be as well as possible. Dr. Bradley serves as a primary care as well as a collaborative physician to give his patients the broadest support possible in their journey to optimum health. If you'd like to learn more about this program, schedule an appointment today.


Holiday Gift Extravaganza November 30 at the Bastyr Dispensary

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping by attending Bastyr Dispensary's holiday sale and celebration. Stop by on Wednesday, November 30, between 4 p.m., and 7 p.m. The Bastyr Dispensary is offering a 20% discount on all products (except prescriptions and food items). Browse through our newest collection of gift items including:

  • Holiday Gift Extravaganza November 30 at the Bastyr Dispensaryunique handbags
  • beautiful hand-made jewelry
  • natural skin and hair care products
  • housewares
  • clothing
  • candles
  • books
  • incense and more

While you're shopping, sample holiday treats catered by Bastyr's nationally recognized chefs. Be sure to mark your calendar, and we hope to see you there!


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Two-Year-Olds Join the Ranks of the Overweight
Two-Year-Olds Join the Ranks of the OverweightObesity is a national epidemic among adults-and now we know it's also an epidemic among our children. Obesity is not just an embarrassing bodily state; it's a serious health condition that threatens lives. Parents need to take a hard look at their role in the prevention of obesity in their children. Find out how the 21st century American lifestyle works against your kids' health and what you need to know to keep your children at a healthy weight.

Get the Flu to Skip Over You
It's flu season again! In addition to flu shots for high-risk populations, there are strategies we can all implement to increase your chance of eluding the flu virus. You may have heard them before, but review them now and decide to skip the flu this year! The Bastyr Center for Natural Health Web site has many articles about treating cold and flu-be sure to check them out.

Making the Holidays Meaningful
Not stressed about the holidays yet? Then it's the perfect time to mentally commit to having a stress-free holiday season. There are steps you can take to make better choices as the holidays rapidly approach. Prepare for all the demands you know are coming down the pike, give yourself a pep talk, and learn more about how to take control before it's too late.






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