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Spring is here, and don’t your sinuses know it! In this issue of Health E-News, learn about an effective way to treat your hayfever symptoms without resorting to over-the-counter drugs. And while you’re banishing your allergy symptoms, it’s a good time to do some spring cleaning—not just of your house, but of your body. Detoxifying diets are effective in helping you slough off doldrums or nagging health problems and can prepare you for summer, refreshed and renewed. This spring get your skin in great shape for summer too. Come into the Bastyr Dispensary to take advantage of our sale on Spirit of Beauty products. The sale ends May 7.

Enjoy Health E-News, and take advantage of the health information we store on our Web site just for you. Browse around, and come in to the health center to talk about how we can optimize your health.

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Clinic Highlights

Bastyr University ADHD research study for children

Is your child fidgety or forgetful? Would you be interested in a study of natural remedies to treat your child’s symptoms? We invite you to participate in Bastyr University’s research study of an herbal medicine in relation to ADHD. Your child must be 6-17 years old and exhibit ADHD symptoms, such as difficulty sustaining attention, interrupting others, acting before thinking or difficulty organizing tasks.

Requirements: The child and one parent must be able to attend all study visits during the 8-week study. The child must not suffer from neurological, liver, kidney, or systemic disease or from severe depression. Each child will receive a physical exam and psychological testing free of charge, and if eligible, he or she will receive either a placebo or herbal medicine for the 9-week study. The study is at no cost for the study participants, and each family will receive $75 in compensation upon completion of the study.
For more information call Dr. Wendy Weber at 425-602-3419.


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20% off Spirit of Beauty products

Spirit of Beauty Nutritional Skin Care utilizes the most advanced formulas and uses only clean and natural ingredients. Spirit of Beauty combines three of the most effective methods for treating the skin naturally: organic botanicals, nutritional cosmeceuticals, and therapeutic essential oils. Spirit of Beauty products are designed to heal; to reduce damage due to aging, environment and sun exposure; and to maintain healthy skin. Sale ends May 7. Visit the Bastyr Dispensary soon!


Featured Book at the Bastyr Dispensary: Adrenal Fatigue: the 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James Wilson, ND, DC, PhD

Are you tired for “no reason,” having trouble getting up in the morning, using caffeine to keep going, feeling run down and stressed, craving salty or sweet snacks, overwhelmed, unable to bounce back from illness, not having fun anymore? Learn how you can recover energy, immune resistance, vitality, and enjoyment of life using this detailed program of lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements and more.


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Traditional Chinese Medicine Relieves Hayfever
Allergies in the Pacific Northwest have been unusually torturous this season, and you may be one who has been desperately searching for relief from your hayfever symptoms. If you haven’t tried natural methods of relief yet, consider Chinese Herbal Medicine. Studies show CHM improves allergy symptoms without the side effects of over the counter drugs. Read more.

Detoxify Yourself for Longevity and Health
A detoxification diet has been a time-honored way to restore energy and well-being. Just like scheduling regular oil changes for your car, feeding your body a periodic detoxification diet can help it to run more smoothly so that it supports you in accomplishing your goals. Read more about the benefits of detoxing.

Breast Cancer Incidence Reduced by Eating Apples
Another good reason to eat fresh fruit and vegetables! Studies are showing that cancer prevention may be as near as our grocery cart. Good nutrition isn’t just about taking supplements—learn about the link between food and cancer prevention . Read more.






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